Love’s Persuasion

Excerpt   When Ada got into the office first thing on Monday morning, she headed for reception and took her seat. Nike, one of her colleagues from accounts, was talking to Agatha. “Did you see…

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My Journey to Publication


On Dec 15th my first book was published. The dream I have had since I was about four years old came to pass.

I grew up reading those quaint Peter and Jane Ladybird books – where I looked for a child who looked like me in vain – I hold up this book and I thank God for bringing me this far, for friends and family and for love and for those who believed in me when it was just a dream.

I present Love’s Persuasion. Elements of Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’ remind me of the characters here – of love lost and second chances. It is never too late to love, to love again, to take a chance, to write a book, go back to school or chase after that dream. Friends please don’t wait till its too late to go after your dream, your passion and that…

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Life Is continues

Anton stood there, hands in pockets, face unreadable.

“So it’s a date then? “

She shook her head. “Who said anything about this being a date?”

He shrugged and walked to the door. “You really need to chill.”

She closed her eyes.

Of all the Stupid. Stupider. Stupidest things to have agreed to…


Footsteps.  He was walking back.


“Do dress casually …no high heels or short skirts.  Usually,” he shrugged again, “I think they look wonderful but this time jeans and trainers would be better.”

She glared at him. “Just where are we going?”

He laughed and walked to the door, “Nowhere that will endanger that pristine reputation of yours…..though it might dent that prim and proper exterior you like to portray.”

She glared at him until he left the room folded her arms across her chest and watched him leave.

How had I let him talk me into this?


OK. OK. God I’ve got everything under control. I go out to where he likes to hang out (he has assured me it will be a public place) and in return he decides to accompany me to Church (which to him is another public place with a lot of judgmental people.)

She knew had what her Mother called a ‘roving eye and had a reputation where women were concerned – but he also deserved the benefit of the doubt. Deserved to hear the gospel presented to him …deserved to see another way of life than the one he knew.

A few minutes ago he had been in here, invading her space, his eyes drinking her up from head to toe, flashing his white teeth around.

Yeah. That’s what he reminded her of.

A shark.

He could chew someone like her up for breakfast and swallow her whole.

Body, soul and every part of her and leave her emotions lying like tattered …..

She shivered.

In her book, his type spelt T-R-O-U-B-L-E.  They lied, they cheated, they said they loved you even though they were sleeping around, they….

Whoa. Hang on. Who are we talking about here?

Modern Tales of Africa

Modern African Tales - Your story and my story - OUT LATER THIS YEAR

Book of short stories due for publication by Sept 2011

Reminiscing about life love and writing

My foster Mum brought me loads of Books.  She taught me the endless joy you can get from reading – I was reared on Ladybirds ‘Peter and Jane’, Enid Blytons ‘Famous Five’ and on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the sagas of Crusoe and Dickens. I searched in vain for a black princess, heroine or adventurer and made up my own stories in my head – day dreaming in class about becoming a writer one day. 

My foster Mother told my Mum that I was going to be a writer one day.

“She needs to improve her Mathematics.”

“She got A plus in English.”

My Mother laughed. “She was born in England. What else is she supposed to get? Let me see her Maths book.”

I went on to hate Maths all through primary school and secondary school – picking up a bit when I went on to study Business studies later on.  Yet English literature remained my true love and that, will never change

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