Reminiscing about life love and writing

My foster Mum brought me loads of Books.  She taught me the endless joy you can get from reading – I was reared on Ladybirds ‘Peter and Jane’, Enid Blytons ‘Famous Five’ and on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the sagas of Crusoe and Dickens. I searched in vain for a black princess, heroine or adventurer and made up my own stories in my head – day dreaming in class about becoming a writer one day. 

My foster Mother told my Mum that I was going to be a writer one day.

“She needs to improve her Mathematics.”

“She got A plus in English.”

My Mother laughed. “She was born in England. What else is she supposed to get? Let me see her Maths book.”

I went on to hate Maths all through primary school and secondary school – picking up a bit when I went on to study Business studies later on.  Yet English literature remained my true love and that, will never change


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